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Salmon’s Meat Products Inc. – Luxemburg, Wisconsin

Nestled along Highway 54 as you head into downtown Luxemburg, Wisconsin (home of the only stoplight in Kewaunee County) is Salmon’s Meat Products Inc. Salmon’s processes and sells great meats. My wife’s grandmother worked for a meat processing company, but would often go to Salmon’s for their hot dogs because she liked them so much. I’ve eaten them before too, and while not formally part of this Scouting Report, I do recommend their hot dogs.

According to their website Salmon’s “dates back to the early 1900’s” with a lineage of meat market owners and locations in Luxemburg. One of their most notable customers was Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi. You can find Salmon’s meats all throughout Northeastern Wisconsin.

Double Smoked Bacon

I like smoked bacon so seeing Salmon’s Double Smoked Bacon was an instant attraction. Salmon’s uses hard maple chips for smoking all of their meats. Measuring 9.5 inches raw the bacon was very meaty, exactly the meat to fat ratio that I prefer. We paired our bacon with fresh blueberry pancakes right off the griddle and some orange juice. It was a perfect start to the morning.

Once it was cooked it was time for the jury’s verdict. Salmon’s Double Smoked Bacon does not have a strong smoked flavor, but it was very delicious. I separated the meat from the fat on a strip to isolate the flavor. It tasted like a delicious smoked ham. The salt is hardly noticeable, which means it was just right. I cooked all of the bacon at once in one pan, but I allowed some strips to be cooked crispy and some a little less crispy. Whether you like your bacon extra crispy or still a with some flex, it is very good. This one I found irresistible and ate more than my fair share at the breakfast table. Salmon’s make a great bacon!

Mushroom & Swiss Bratwursts

The next day we packed up the family for a picnic in a local park, bringing along our grill to try the Mushroom & Swiss brats. The time and energy spent to keep the coals burning on this windy day paid off. What a fantastic brat! The mushroom and Swiss flavor was very evident and tasted just like it might on a juicy hamburger, but this time it was in a signature, juicy bratwurst. This is the perfect brat for a summer barbecue because of the great flavor which makes you feel like you are eating more of a complete meal than just a piece of meat. This bratwurst is one of my new favorites.

Honey Weiss Beer Bratwursts

Honey Weiss Beer Brats are made with Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss beer, which if you’ve ever had the beer then you know how good it is. I was surprised to see how much smaller the Honey Weiss brat was compared to the Mushroom & Swiss brat. There is a noticeable size difference! The taste is great – just like you would expect a beer brat to taste. This is definitely a top quality brat, but I preferred the Mushroom & Swiss to this one.

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