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Barney’s Meats – Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin

Eager to pick up some delicious bacon for another family gathering, on a blustery autumn day I strolled in with my family in tow to a quaint little meat market and grocery store in Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin.

Barney’s Meats is more than just meats. They sell bacon, brats, sausages, and a wide variety of other products made right inside their store along with some national products too. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they also sell groceries which is convenient for travelers.

Barney's Meats - Meat DisplayThis trip was all about finding some bacon for a big feast that weekend. I wish I would have spent more time in the store to learn a little more about what they offer. Online reviews note that Barney’s is renowned for their sausage.

I’m a creature of habit so in addition to the bacon I needed I went for their bratwursts too. I was enticed by the varieties of bratwursts I had seen, although I must admit I had already tried some of these same flavors at other places and was looking for something new. I spied some honey mustard brats and scooped them up without a second thought.

For their bacon I went with two different kinds: Barney’s Home Cured Bacon and their Apple Cinnamon Bacon. Apple Cinnamon bacon sounds amazing so I couldn’t resist. Let’s find out if it was worth the excitement!

Honey Mustard Bratwursts

My family knows I do crazy stuff like photograph bacon. I had the good fortune of family also bringing some meat from their local area so we grilled a few different things together. The larger brats in the picture are from Fifield, Wisconsin and you can read about it in my review of Fifield Grocery. Also on the grill are some wieners from Salmon’s Meat Products in Luxemburg, Wisconsin which are the smallest sausages in the picture.

Grilling Barney's and Fifield's Brats

Barney’s Honey Mustard bratwursts have good texture, not too tough of a casing, and have a little bite. They did not have too strong of a mustard flavor. Overall it’s an average bratwurst and I will give it 3/5 stars for being mostly…average. I’d still rather buy from a local meat market than buy mega-brand brats like Johnsonville.

Home Cured Bacon


I like to buy a regular bacon in addition to any specialty bacons to compare the differences a meat market might have in creating the two different flavors. I think of Barney’s Home Cured Bacon as the base bacon. I found it to be a decent bacon, but nothing too remarkable. I fried it extra crispy and I would not recommend doing that when pairing with pancakes as was the case for me that morning. Bacon should be prepared according to its setting and should be extra crispy for BLT’s or other related dishes.

Apple Cinnamon Bacon

Barney's Apple Cinnamon Bacon CookingThe exotic bacon this time is an Apple Cinnamon bacon – it smelled heavenly in the pan! The wonderful aroma of apple cinnamon fills the air when frying. It smells like dessert. I was wondering if I would have to create a new category on Bacon Scouts called “dessert bacons.” While it has the sweet smell of apple cinnamon is certainly does not have a sweet or sugary taste. This bacon was the clear favorite between the two kinds. It’s a little meatier and thicker cut although when cooking its very thin center can be prone to burn quickly. Cooked, the apple cinnamon was a very subtle flavor. I wonder what it would be like if it was made more like a dessert bacon. Yum!

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  1. Can’t wait for my venison. Thinking ahead for next year and wondering if you have price list for making different things with the venison? Thanks again for the great service.

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