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Look’s Meat Market – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls is steeped in a rich history in agriculture and the meat packing industry.  Around the turn of the 20th Century, Sioux Falls economy relied heavily on the Sioux Falls Stockyards and the John Morrell meat packing plant.  As these businesses worked hard to move the wheels of commerce and feed the world, a smaller, neighborhood butcher worked diligently in downtown Sioux Falls serving the local families with some of the finest meats and sausages in the area.  According to their web site, Look’s Market has been serving Sioux Falls residents since 1883.  With a few relocations during that time, Look’s is now situated on the south end of town at 69th & Western in a newer shopping area.  The area is so new to development that a corn field stands to the west of the market.With a very appealing web site and a newer building I was excited to check out their products.  At the front entrance they have on display a wide selection of outdoor grilling items for purchase.  Once inside patrons are greeted by giant photos of scenes from the old downtown location.  I loved the photos!

As I made my way around the market I could tell they weren’t your traditional meat market where you might buy a quarter beef or bring your deer in for processing.  Besides meat products they offered a wide variety of grocery items, frozen foods and wine & cheese.  One item that jumped off the shelf was the wide selection of Frontera Mexican flavored products and seasonings from PBS chef Rick Bayless.

The gentleman behind the meat counter was very helpful and pleasant to work with.  I was excited and surprised to find Benton’s bacon products in their meat case.  If you are new to Benton’s they are a small smokehouse in Tennessee that specializes in smoking high quality bacon and country hams.  I was stunned at the $11.99 a pound price tag but was willing to spring for it in the name of Bacon Scouts.  Besides a full meat counter that included pork, chicken and beef products, Look’s only offers a small section of homemade products that include sausages and brats.  I went with the Swedish Potato Sausage and there Jalapeño Brats.

Time To Cook

The smoke flavor from Benton’s is like no other.  It has a deep rich flavor that fills the air with smoke and your mouth with goodness.  It was almost like I had lit a campfire in the skillet in the kitchen.  The cut was of medium thickness with good marbling.  Hands down the best smoke flavor with any bacon I’ve ever had.

The brats and sausage were cooked up the same evening.  According to the staff the Swedish Potato is one of their best selling sausages.  It was very spicy and full of onion flavor.  It was a hit with a few of the male attendees at the dinner.  I actually preferred the brats because the flavor was more balanced and mild.

The highlight of this review was the chance to purchase and try Benton’s bacon.  If you ever have the chance to purchase Benton’s at a meat market or a restaurant, you must go for it.  We would love to compile a list of markets that carry Benton’s bacon.  If you have a market in your neighborhood that sells Benton’s, please drop us a line so that we can scout out the location.  Please make comments at the end of this review letting us know the name and city the market is located.


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