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Fifield Grocery Exterior

Fifield Grocery – Fifield, Wisconsin

Fifield Grocery in Fifield, Wisconsin is another well kept secret grocer and meat market in a small town. Thanks to a relative, I was introduced to some of the best smoked bacon around.

Fifield Grocery is owned by John and Kim Smith.  In addition to delicious bacon, John makes great summer sausage and about 18 kinds of bratwurst!  My favorite is their cranberry brats.  The little store on at the intersection of Highway 13 and Balsam Street in Price County and has an amazing variety of goods.  Kim stocks lots of bulk repackaged staples, organic items, and a quite a few gluten free foods.

I think if you were on your way through and needed a present for someone you should stop here.  You can put together a sampler 6-pack of micro-brewery beers, pair that with some cheese and gift it in a basket made by Guatemalan women.

You can see the freshness.
You can see the freshness.

I was introduced to Fifield’s meats at a family gathering – the same one where we cooked up bacon from Barney’s Meats. We thought we would have a little bacon cook off between Fifield’s and Barney’s. It was the third pound of bacon I had cooked that morning (for only 9 people); it was serious bacon business.

Home Smoked Bacon

The Home Smoked Bacon is thick cut (just the way I like it) and very meaty. I really like my bacon with a high meat content with little fat because I think it tastes better, holds the smoked flavor better, and also provides better value. The bacon cooked quite nicely in our frying pan and when it was done, it was the clear cut winner over the other two bacons we ate that morning. Fifield’s is definitely one of the best bacons and with minimal shrinkage. Thank you, Fifield Grocery!

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  1. my good friend lee ,s took me to this gem of a meat market simply the best meats up north thank god someone knows what their doing when it comes to what we eat yummmmieeee stuff god bless fifield meat market.

  2. We’ve been “addicted” to Fifield Grocery for many years. We owned a cabin that direction and would load up on their bacon, (especially their garlic infused bacon,) every time we would go up. After we sold that cabin and bought one in Upstate New York, now we have to drive to Fifield from our home in Minneapolis and buy up our supply, then fly out with it to NY! We don’t take chances of loading it in our luggage, as it’s a sure fire way to alert the drug sniffing dogs at the airport, so we take it on board in carry on luggage. By the end of the flight there are people walking past our overhead compartment, sniffing the air!! We will NEVER be out of Fifield bacon again!!

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