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McDonald’s Meats – Clear Lake, Minnesota

Being in the bacon business gives us an opportunity to meet some really great people and such is the case with the folks behind McDonald’s Meats in Clear Lake, Minnesota. Set in a small town just outside of St. Cloud, McDonald’s Meats is worth making a stop if you are headed from the Twin Cities out of town and are in need of some high quality bacon.

While McDonald’s Meats is known for their jerky we sampled an array of bacon. Simply put: McDonald’s makes great bacon. In all of my bacon sampling, theirs is the first flavored bacon that was actually full of flavor while eating it. Many flavored bacons smell good, but lack any sort of staying power in your mouth. McDonald’s bacon makes you want to eat more and more. I sampled several flavors of their bacon and here are the ones that stand out for us.

Home Cured Bacon

McDonald’s Meats Home Cured Bacon is an all-pork product (like all of the bacon mentioned here) with a nice smokey flavor. It is not robust yet not weak; it hits the sweet spot for those who like a smokey flavor. 

McDonald's Home Cured Bacon Before Cooking
McDonald’s Home Cured Bacon Before Cooking

Jalapeño Bacon

Jalapeño Bacon starts off mild and the spice just keeps cranking up as you chew. It subsides nicely after hitting its peak. It is definitely one of the best flavored bacons I have had. It keeps it’s taste unlike other brand’s meats. Use this to spice up any sandwich or as the perfect complement to breakfast for the spice lover in your family. 

Home Cured bacon on left and Jalapeño Bacon on right.
Home Cured bacon on left and Jalapeño Bacon on right.

Italian Bacon

The Italian Bacon is excellent! It kept me coming back for more with its delicious blend of flavors. I was so enthralled with eating this flavor I forgot to take a picture.

Bottom Line: If you are ever in the St. Cloud area, make a stop at McDonald’s Meats just off of I-94 in Clear Lake. You won’t regret it!


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