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Bacon: You Get What You Pay For

On a recent trip scouting for some more great bacon, I saw a gas station advertising a 12 ounce package of bacon for $2.99. Immediately I began to wonder: what kind of bacon can you get for $3.99 per pound? I pulled off the highway to check it out.

It happened to be some off brand that I had never heard of. In my experience, bacon this cheap is cheap for a reason, and it’s not a good reason. Either the pork is low quality or you’re paying for a lot of water and when you cook it, the bacon will shrivel to nothing.

With cheap bacon you get a lot of water and not a lot of flavor. You see those big bacon companies don’t spend much time slicing, smoking, and curing meats like a butcher from a smaller shop. For those big bacon companies, a hog can be slaughtered on Monday and packaged into fresh bacon by Wednesday. While this process can produce a lot of bacon very quickly, it’s going to be the kind that is full of water, not very flavorful, and shrinks to nothing when you cook it.

This is why Bacon Scouts is a strong advocate for buying meats from master meat crafters and skilled artisan butchers who spend the time to smoke the meats and let them cure so that the product you pay for is worth the investment.

The experience a person will have eating bacon through Bacon Scouts versus eating some grocery store bacon is incomparable. Even if the big companies try to imitate the bacon created by skilled butchers with fancy packaging and marketing, their product will never come close to the meats crafted in small batches using old fashioned recipes and time-honored methods.

Next time you think about reaching for that cheap bacon at the gas station or at the grocery store, remember one thing: you get what you pay for. Don’t you deserve better?


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