Why Bacon Makes a Better Gift Than Flowers

woman rejecting flowers for bacon3

Men, ponder this for a moment. You could buy a big cluster of colorful plants which require maintenance and upkeep before they eventually dry out, die, and you throw them away; or you could provide your loved one with sustenance so that she can live another day. Which would you rather spend your money on?

Smart men choose bacon. Bacon will always make a better gift for any occasion than flowers.

Of course it could be argued that flowers are colorful and beautiful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take a look at this picture of bacon below for example.


No bouquet of flowers will ever make you drool like that picture of bacon just did. No single flower in the world can claim as many benefits to the human body as bacon does.

Flowers are visually pleasing and sometimes they give off a delightful fragrance. Bacon is not only visually pleasing and always gives off a delightful fragrance, but also tastes incredible and is satiates an appetite. Bacon wins.

Flowers can be used for decoration. Bacon can be used to keep people alive.

Flowers warm a woman’s heart and shows an expression of love. Cooking bacon for your loved one dramatically increases your sex appeal.

Bacon contains choline a nutrient that improves memory and brain development and is used to treat Alzheimers. Flowers just sit there and look nice.

That beautiful bacon smell will permeate an entire house through the simple act of cooking only a few strips of bacon on the stove. You would need to buy dozens of bouquets for each room of the house just to accomplish the same feat with flowers.

Not only is bacon pleasing to the eye, exceptionally fragrant, and quite versatile, but it also holds much more utility than any flower ever can.

Buy your loved one some bacon and thank us later.

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