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Perfect Drinks To Pair With Bacon For The Holidays

Bacon is a treat that is perfect for any occasion, and during the holidays, it can make any celebration even more special. Professional caterers often use bacon in their dishes for its distinctive flavor and long shelf life, which makes it a natural addition to any buffet table. Moreover, pairing it with the right drinks can get anyone into the holiday spirit. as the crispy goodness of bacon marries well with different varieties of wine, beer and cocktails. Whether it’s for a Christmas day brunch, a holiday cocktail, or dinner with loved ones, here’s a guide to pairing drinks with bacon.

Wine and bacon pairings for Christmas brunch

There’s a reason why bacon and mimosas are staples at the best brunch restaurants in America – the combination of orange juice and champagne with sweet and salty cured pork tastes indulgent yet refreshing at the same time. If you’re hosting a Christmas Day brunch, go beyond bacon and mimosas, and pair a sweet Chardonnay with a bacon and egg frittata. This combo works because the wine will cut through the richness of the dish. You could also try serving mini pancakes with bacon, and pair it with a slightly sweet Rose wine

As a fun party favor, send everyone home with a pack of sweet bacon and innovatively packaged and labeled wine, such as canned wine. Giving wine in personal-sized cans is more convenient as your guests don’t have to worry about breakage while they’re on the road. 

Greet the New Year with bacon and cocktail combos

The last few hours before the New Year is when people get a little peckish, so why not serve a few bacon appetizers and cocktails before the clock strikes 12? A vodka and tangerine cocktail goes well with bacon-wrapped peaches, while an Old Fashioned pairs beautifully with tender cuts of bite-sized chicken wrapped in sweet bacon. Meanwhile, an apricot martini will taste even better if you serve it with goat’s cheese and bacon.

Celebrate the Super Bowl with bacon and beer

No Super Bowl celebration is complete without beer and hearty food. For the big game, serve bacon sandwiches with a pale ale, and for grazing, offer rashers of hickory smoked bacon with a dark stout, as well as some crisp slices of American bacon with pilsner. Don’t forget to serve some carbs, such as a bacon-flecked pasta dish.

For teens and those who would rather not drink alcohol, offer non-alcoholic or apple cider – it goes well with bacon and almost all types of bacon-based dishes. End the Super Bowl viewing party with some coffee to perk up your guests, and serve it with bacon and ricotta muffins for a salty-sweet treat. 

Make the holidays merrier by serving your favorite drinks with bacon dishes. Try the pairings mentioned above, or experiment with different combinations – you’re sure to come up with winning pairings that will become instant favorites at your parties.

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