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Gourmet Bacon of the Month Club

Created by Bacon Lovers, Exclusively for Bacon Lovers.

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Award winning, premium bacon, sourced from America’s small town artisan butchers, shipped fast and fresh from the butcher shop to your door.

"I bought this for a Xmas gift for a couple. Package came when they said it would - with the nice insulated cooler. Would purchase as a gift again."
Jean W.
Customer from Minnesota
"There's a certain excitement with having a parcel of gourmet bacon delivered to your doorstep! Tasting some the next morning was pure joy!"
Tom Z.
Customer from Wisconsin
"My husband and I love this maple bacon! It is thick cut, tastes great, and it is the most freshly made bacon we have ever eaten. We will be customers for life!"
Beth S.
Customer from Pennsylvania

The Bacon Scouts Quality Promise

If a shipment doesn’t arrive in great condition, we will re-ship it or refund your money. It’s that simple!

All Bacon of the Month Club Plans Include

  1. Two pounds of award-winning, premium gourmet bacon delivered once per month for either 3, 6, 12 months, or quarterly.
  2. Unique gourmet bacon flavor sent each month, along with a classic style such as hickory or applewood smoked bacon.
  1. Choose your month to start.
  2. Personal welcome letter from our Founder & CEO.
  3. 10% Members Discount on all bacon packs.
  4. Exclusive access to members-only bacon flavors.

Choose Your Membership

3 Months
“I Love Bacon”
Club Membership

Ships on the 15th of each month
For 3 months

6 Months
“I Really Love Bacon”
Club Membership

Ships on the 15th of each month
For 6 months

12 Months
“I Can’t Live Without Bacon”
Club Membership

Ships on the 15th of each month
For 12 months

“I Appreciate Great Bacon Now and Then”
Club Membership

Ships on the 15th every third month
For 12 months


Packed and Shipped Quickly

We ship only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Ships Frozen

Every order is packed in a re-usable insulated cooler to ensure it stays cold.

Arrives in 2-3 Days

Delivery is made within a couple days once we ship your order!

Read our complete shipping policy for complete details.

Bacon of the Month Club FAQ’s

What kind of bacon will you send?
Each month we will send one unique flavor and one standard flavor. Unique flavor examples include Raspberry Chipotle, Apple Cinnamon, Honey Barbecue, or Cajun Style bacon. A standard flavor might include an original recipe hickory smoked or applewood smoked bacon.
How much bacon will be sent with each shipment?
Each shipment will contain two 12-16 ounce packages of gourmet bacon, hand selected by our Bacon Scouts team.
When will the first package be shipped?
You may choose to have the first shipment sent as soon as possible or you can order up to six months in advance.
How often is the bacon shipped?
Bacon of the Month Club orders are generated on the 15th of each month and shipments will go out the closest shipping day to that date. We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and some Wednesdays.
This is a gift. Do you put the cost of it on the packing slip?
No, we do not include price information on our packing slips.
Can I pay extra to have it ship sooner?
With your order we guarantee it will reach your recipient within 2-3 days of shipping. It is almost impossible to get it there any faster without doubling the cost of your order.
How often does it ship?
Once per month for three months.
Can I pay monthly?
We ask everyone to pay in advance so that we can work with our suppliers to ensure that there is enough bacon ready to ship each month. We work with small meat markets across the United States, and these small meat markets do not carry large inventories. Your bacon is literally prepared fresh specifically for the Bacon of the Month Club.
How do you keep the bacon fresh in transit?
Our shipping experts have sourced the finest coolers and packing materials to ensure that your shipments stay cold in transit. We’ve developed a process that is proven and tested with hundreds of customers across the United States. We’ve shipped to nearly all 50 states, including Texas and Florida regularly, and even Hawaii. These shipments all arrived in great condition. We also offer a quality guarantee. If for some reason your shipment does not arrive in amazing condition, we will gladly replace or refund that shipment.