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BaconStrong T-ShirtMy name is Jon and I like love bacon!

I started Bacon Scouts™ in 2013 in order to connect great people through great bacon. While traveling for family vacations and work trips, I would stop at small town meat markets to support local businesses.

As a bacon lover, I always made sure to pick up a package of bacon, and I was shocked by what I discovered.

At these meat markets, I discovered the most extraordinary smoked meats I have ever tasted. They were nothing like the national brands I had bought at the grocery store!

I became determined to find a way to get these meats into the hands of more people and…

Bacon Scouts was born!

I worked with a buddy of mine and we wrote our first ever bacon review. In fact, we wrote a lot of bacon reviews.

In a short amount of time I learned the difference between eating high quality smoked meats vs. what is sold in the grocery store.

  • What I learned is that high quality meats aren’t made in a factory.
  • I learned that the best bacon doesn’t shrivel to half its size when cooking.
  • I learned that the flavor of the meat was more robust and not just covered up with tons of salt.

The flavor, the texture, and the fact that I get more meat for my dollar when shopping with meat markets is why I will never go back to buying my bacon from a grocery store ever again.

The most important thing I learned, though, is the key to success for amazing smoked meats:

Great meats are made by great people.

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Exploring fine bacon and smoked meats is as much about the meats as it is the people who create them. Great meats are made by skilled butchers who are just as passionate about creating irresistible meats as I am about eating irresistible meats.

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These butchers are masters of their craft. They painstakingly obsess over the details of creating each mouth-watering batch of bacon, bratwurst, summer sausage, and snack sticks.

They aren’t focused on maximizing profits by getting as much meat through the smoker as possible as they are about ensuring that their customers absolutely love what they create.

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This means that their bacon spends more time curing and more time in the smoker yielding a deeper, richer, and irresistible flavor. Instead of bacon getting pumped with water in order to make it heavier and sell at a higher price, you actually get more meat with incredible texture.

I built this website because I believe in small meat markets and the people who devote their lives to running them.

Through Bacon Scouts, I have partnered with butchers who are the finest in their industry to deliver their amazing bacon and select smoked meats.

You won’t find this anywhere else.

These meats are made by true meat-crafting experts with decades of experience who have won hundreds of state, national, and international awards for their creations.

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