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I purchased this product (actually products) for my "bacon loving" son as a Christmas gift. Every few months, it was Christmas again! Fabulous idea, fabulous product...thank you Bacon Scouts!

Linda K.

Customer from Illinois

Marri M.

Customer from Texas

I sent a 3 month gift to my boss at Christmas and he and his family were VERY pleased when the first shipment arrived - they were thrilled when the second arrived because they absolutely weren't expecting it. It was a fun and different idea for a gift.

We got this for our boss as a Christmas gift and our party was in between shipping date but Jon was able to get it shipped early! The customer service is phenomenal and our boss loves it!

Josh M.

Customer from Florida

Martha T.

Customer from Massachusetts

Excellent product array, expertly curated, well packaged and carefully delivered, with lots of communication along the way. Fun!

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day because he said, "Men don't want roses...they want bacon!" He loved it and it's the gift that will keep on giving all year (lots of bonus points for me!). I highly recommend this for anyone who loves bacon and who loves to be surprised by new flavor experiences. I can't wait to see what shows up next month!

Reyla H.

Customer from Arizona

Kelly M.

Customer from Colorado

Loving the new Chipotle Lime bacon we got in our second month. Little mix up on order but as soon as we reported it, they took care of it quickly! Very impressed! Great bacon and customer service!

This membership was bought as a gift and the recepients couldn't have been more pleased. Excellent gift idea.

Anthony W.

Customer from Vermont

Cynthia G.

Customer from North Carolina

What could be better than bacon delivered to your door? Was a great present for my husband.

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