Gluten Free Bacon

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Delicious, flavorful, award winning, gluten free bacon delivered anywhere in the United States.

Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon from RJ’s Meats Shown[/rs-full-width]

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Bacon Scouts offers a variety of gluten free bacon for sale. We search for, test, and sell award-winning, gourmet bacon from top meat markets across the United States. We are pleased to offer you high quality, gluten free bacon that is full of flavor and will be unquestionably the best bacon you have ever eaten.

I have family members with celiac disease so I know how important it is to find gluten free foods, which is why I am proud to offer you an assortment of delicious, top quality bacon that does not contain any gluten. Most meats are naturally gluten free, but cured meats generally add ingredients to enhance the flavor. A full list of ingredients is available on each bacon product page. Take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING promotion to try award winning, gourmet bacon today!

-Jon Jakoblich, Chief Bacon Scout


New to bacon delivery?

Try a sampler pack from RJ’s Meats! All bacon from RJ’s Meats is gluten free. RJ’s Meats Bacon Sampler Pack includes the following kinds of bacon.

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RJ's Meats sells gluten free bacon @



RJ’s Meats is a meat market in Hudson, Wisconsin which has won dozens of state and national awards for its bacon and other meat products. Shop RJ’s Meats on Bacon Scouts.






The Best Gluten Free Bacon for Sale Online

Need help deciding which one to try first? Send us an e-mail at and we’ll get back to you right away with some great gluten free bacon recommendations. You really can’t go wrong with any of the bacon we have made available on our website.