Mmmm…bacon. The one thing that is almost universally loved and revered. Bacon lovers are #BACONSTRONG: united in their love for the delectable meat candy.

This fabulous shirt is perfect for bacon lovers! This stunning #BACONSTRONG design is printed on a dark chocolate colored, lightweight, 100% cotton, tailored shirt. United in bacon, we stand #BACONSTRONG.
*(sizes 3XL and larger come in black)


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United in Bacon. We are #BaconStrong.

We like our bacon thick.

We like our bacon crispy.

We like our bacon smoked.

We like our bacon every day for breakfast…and for lunch…and for dinner.

We like a side of bacon with our bacon.

It’s what we EAT, it’s what we DO, it’s who we ARE.

We are the mighty…who stand strong and proud for bacon. We are #BaconStrong!

Join the movement.

#BACONSTRONG T-Shirt Official