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Rick "RJ" Reams began his journey in the meat industry one hot August day in 1977 when he was hired by Jim Schmitz, owner of Jim's Meats. Rick began as a "clean up boy" and over time worked his way up to manager. In early August of 1987 Jim informed Rick he was ready to sell his market. August 31st 1987 RJ's Meats was born. Back in 1987 RJ's was strictly fresh meats offering choice cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. We made only a small handful of fresh sausages - bratwurst, Italian sausage, potato sausage, Swedish sausage and breakfast sausage. Today we still offer those same 5 sausages along with nearly 200 other fresh and or smoked and cooked sausages. Today Rick continues to own and operate RJ's Meats along with his wife Anne, sons Anthony, Aaron, & Joe.

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