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Naturally Smoked Raspberry Chipotle Bacon Shown


Featuring a selection of incredible meats from the best American butchers. Bacon Scouts partners exclusively with award winning, championship, family-owned meats markets and delivers their products across the United States. We’re proud to work with them.

Nolechek's Meats Online Store - Wisconsin's Finest - Signature of Quality
RJ's Meats Online Store - Hudson, Wisconsin
Woods Smoked Meats Online Store - Bowling Green, Missouri


Bacon Scouts™ makes it easy for you to enjoy finely crafted bacon from small to medium sized meat producers from across the United States. Say goodbye to grocery store bacon. One bite of these meats and you’ll never go back.

We tried the Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Normally there is a faint hint of the flavor an item advertises. This bacon was loaded with flavor! 
Tracy    March 10, 2015    Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon
 Fantastic bacon. The bacon itself is incredible and the pepper really gives it that extra boost of flavor. Definitely would recommend it. 
Lucas    March 3, 2015    Infamous Black Pepper Bacon
Your order arrived in great condition. The gel packs were still frozen and the bacon nice and cool. I tried the pepper bacon and it was outstanding, great the best. 
Daniel T    March 19, 2015    Infamous Black Pepper Bacon
 Delicious! Not even a big fan of bacon usually and I really enjoyed it. My family gobbled it up!! I’ve never ordered meat online before, but it was really easy. Shipping was super fast (one day!) and everything was still very cold when it arrived. I’ll definitely order again! 
Jackie    March 6, 2015    Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon


Bacon Scouts™ is all about Discovering Great Bacon. We are the bacon rating experts because we travel all over the land in search of the next great bacon. We purchase and test bacon from all kinds of butcher shops we and share our results in these “scouting reports.”

Map of Where We’ve Been Full List of Bacon Ratings 

Wenneman Meat Co. Exterior
Wenneman Meat Co. has won numerous awards for their bacon (including 2014 Reserve Grand Champion) and boasts of producing more than 10,000 pounds of bacon each week. Located just less than an hour Southeast of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, in Southern Illinois, Wenneman Meat Co. is seemingly a big deal tucked [...]
Thrushwood Farms Exterior
Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats, Inc. is one of a small handful of Illinois meat markets who routinely win awards for their bacon year after year. Located on the edge of Galesburg, Illinois Thrushwood Farms has been in business since 1978 owned and operated by the skilled butchers of the Hankes family.Inside [...]
Jets Meat Processing Exterior
On the edge of town, in Waukon, Iowa, is a tiny meat market called Jet's Meat Processing. Jet's has won a number of awards, including several state awards just weeks before I dropped in for some bacon. 1320 [...]
Woods Smoked Meats Exterior
Ed Woods, owner of Woods Smoked Meats in Bowling Green, Missouri has an incredible legacy in the meat industry having won more than 600 state, national, and international awards for his meat creations, and in 1995 he was inducted into the American Cured Meats Hall of Fame (yes, this really exists). So [...]
Grand Champion Meats Exterior
Minnesota is home to several great meat markets and we were pleased to make a stop in Foley, Minnesota on a recent weekend to check out Grand Champion Meats, also known as Foley Locker.Grand Champion Meats is a very clean and well-organized meat market with an exceptional stock of meats and [...]
Nolecheks Meats exterior
I've been dying to get to Nolechek's Meats in Thorp, Wisconsin for more than a year. I make occasional trips on Highway 29 in Northern Wisconsin and the Nolechek's billboard is like a beacon crying out to me. The trouble is that they are usually closed when I am passing through, but [...]