Finely crafted meats from a Master Meat Crafter, RJ’s Meats is now offering three of its finest bacons online exclusively with Bacon Scouts™.


Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon Shown


We’ve partnered with the best bacon producers to create the world’s best bacon delivery service.
Amazing fresh meats delivered right to your door. How it works.

We tried the Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Normally there is a faint hint of the flavor an item advertises. This bacon was loaded with flavor! 
Tracy    March 10, 2015    Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon
 Fantastic bacon. The bacon itself is incredible and the pepper really gives it that extra boost of flavor. Definitely would recommend it. 
Lucas    March 3, 2015    Infamous Black Pepper Bacon
Your order arrived in great condition. The gel packs were still frozen and the bacon nice and cool. I tried the pepper bacon and it was outstanding, great the best. 
Daniel T    March 19, 2015    Infamous Black Pepper Bacon
 Delicious! Not even a big fan of bacon usually and I really enjoyed it. My family gobbled it up!! I’ve never ordered meat online before, but it was really easy. Shipping was super fast (one day!) and everything was still very cold when it arrived. I’ll definitely order again! 
Jackie    March 6, 2015    Apple Cinnamon Spice Bacon


In addition to discovering great bacon, we also deliver great bacon. We’ve teamed up with the finest meat markets to provide you a bacon delivery service second to none. Bacon Scouts™ makes it easy for you to enjoy finely crafted bacon from small to medium sized meat producers from across the United States. Say goodbye to grocery store bacon. One bite of these meats and you’ll never go back. 


Delicious bacon delivery, courtesy of Bacon Scouts. You can have bacon this delicious delivered wherever you are.



Bacon Scouts™ is all about Discovering Great Bacon. Come with us as we travel the highways and byways of America to discover the best bacon in the land! We test the creations of meat masters and share our results in these “scouting reports.”

Map of Where We’ve Been Full List of Bacon Ratings 

Grand Champion Meats Exterior
Minnesota is home to several great meat markets and we were pleased to make a stop in Foley, Minnesota on a recent weekend to check out Grand Champion Meats, also known as Foley Locker.Grand Champion Meats is a very clean and well-organized meat market with an exceptional stock of meats and [...]
Nolecheks Meats exterior
I've been dying to get to Nolechek's Meats in Thorp, Wisconsin for more than a year. I make occasional trips on Highway 29 in Northern Wisconsin and the Nolechek's billboard is like a beacon crying out to me. The trouble is that they are usually closed when I am passing through, but [...]
Ledebuhr Meat Processing Exterior
Scouting for bacon isn't as glamorous as it sounds, but alas it is a sacrifice we at Bacon Scouts are willing to make just for you. On a beautiful Saturday morning recently we pulled into an empty parking lot at Ledebuhr Meat Processing in Winona, Minnesota. A quaint and classic looking [...]
Outside Steve's Meat Market
I had heard about Steve's Meat Market in Ellendale, Minnesota from a friend so I decided to take a trip to find out if it lives up to its billing. On the drive into Ellendale, I saw a large yellow sign welcoming visitors to the town with "Home of Steve's Meat Market" [...]
Standing outside the home of some delicious bacon in central Minnesota.
Being in the bacon business gives us an opportunity to meet some really great people and such is the case with the folks behind McDonald's Meats in Clear Lake, Minnesota. Set in a small town just outside of St. Cloud, McDonald's Meats is worth making a stop if you are headed [...]
Gilbertville Locker
My favorite part of scouting out the next great slice of bacon is deciding on which market to visit.  My goal during the Holidays was to somehow get to Iowa so we could feature a meat market before the 2014 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines the first weekend in [...]