Ledebuhr Meat Processing – Winona, Minnesota

Ledebuhr Meat Processing Exterior

Scouting for bacon isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, but alas it is a sacrifice we at Bacon Scouts are willing to make just for you. On a beautiful Saturday morning recently we pulled into an empty parking lot at Ledebuhr Meat Processing in Winona, Minnesota. A quaint and classic looking meat market, it was… [Read More]

Gilbertville Locker – Gilbertville, Iowa

Gilbertville Locker

My favorite part of scouting out the next great slice of bacon is deciding on which market to visit.  My goal during the Holidays was to somehow get to Iowa so we could feature a meat market before the 2014 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines the first weekend in February. As luck would… [Read More]

Find great bacon on your next trip

Bernies Meats Finished

You’re on the road with only one hour left in your trip. You think about all the things you packed for the weekend: clothes, tent, dishes, food. You start thinking of breakfast the next morning and that’s when it hits you. You forgot the bacon! Luckily for you there’s Bacon Scouts. We’ve done the hard… [Read More]