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Forget Energy Bars – All You Need is Bacon!

Bacon and eggs became a staple of the American breakfast thanks to a marketing campaign from the 1920s. However, those who enjoy a side of bacon in the morning may be getting more than just a good meal. In fact, bacon is a great source of energy, which can be especially beneficial to those who live an active lifestyle. From standard strips to gourmet bacon, here’s why bacon is the best way to start your day and kickstart your energy.

A beneficial breakfast

While many may believe that starting their day off with a side of bacon for breakfast is unhealthy, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, research finds that heavier breakfasts that include eggs, beans, and of course, bacon, is a great way to start the day. This is due to the thought that a heavier meal at the start of the day can set the body’s metabolism up properly for throughout the day, which could make it easier to burn off snacks and other meals later. In fact, researchers advocate for starting the day with a large, fatty, and protein packed meal followed by lighter meals for lunch and dinner. Along with other protein-packed components of such a breakfast, bacon holds several benefits that make it especially good for sustaining energy throughout the day as part of an active lifestyle.

A great source of protein

With bacon being meat, it’s packed with energy-sustaining protein, making it the perfect food for keeping you going throughout the morning. Protein is known for being the building block for muscles, as studies show that it can increase muscle strength as well as muscle mass — not to mention it can keep you fuller for longer than a piece of fruit would. This can be especially beneficial to those who live an active lifestyle by doing activities such as bicycling, as a high intake of protein can help to ensure you’re promoting good muscle growth during activities, such as strength training. Not only can this enhance the benefits of the sport as a whole, but can enhance your experience as well.

The benefits of fat

In addition to being packed with protein, bacon is thought to be quite effective at sustaining energy for other reasons, such as the fat it contains. While it might sound strange, fat can be used to create energy, meaning that bacon can become part of a low-carb and energy sustaining diet, as it contains no carbs at all. Also being high in saturated fats, bacon may help to curb hunger as well, making it perfect for eating before a morning bike race or run, where snacking in between breakfast and lunch might not be possible.

Bacon is a breakfast staple for many across the country, though while many argue it to be unhealthy, it has some surprising benefits, such as being an effective source of energy. Containing protein and fat that can be used to sustain your energy levels throughout the morning, adding a few strips of bacon to your breakfast can be a good thing.

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