The Original Baconkit – Make Your Own Bacon

I successfully made my own bacon using this kit and it was delicious!

This is the perfect way for any bacon lover whose ever wanted to make their own bacon to do it easily and inexpensively.

Now you can easily make your own bacon at home! This bacon making kit gives you everything you need to make delicious, gourmet bacon right at home. Just add 5 lbs of pork belly.


  • Curing Bag
  • Pink Curing Salt
  • Premium Maple Sugar
  • Thermometer
  • Instruction Kit


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It’s Easy to Make Your Own Bacon At Home!

The kit contains everything you need to make 5 lbs of delicious homemade bacon. The only fresh ingredient you need to purchase is pork belly. It’s that easy! An easy to read instruction sheet guides you through every step in making bacon in seven days. A great project for full time foodies or the novice cook. Unlike commercial bacon your bacon won’t shrivel, shrink, or release water when you cook it. A great unique gift to present to any bacon lover on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.

Does the kit include the meat?
No, it doesn’t include the meat, but this is the only item you’ll need to buy separately. You can find pork belly at most butcher shops and grocery stores with a meat department. Whole Foods is a good bet. If you have questions or are having a hard time finding it use our contact form and we’ll help you.

I don’t know how to cook, am I screwed?
In life, yes, you probably are. But not with baconkit. We’ve made it incredibly easy in a few simple steps to make your own bacon (all kits include detailed instructions sheet).

I don’t own a BBQ or a smoker, can I still make bacon?
Yes! Baconkit works great prepared in the oven without smoke or in a smoker if you have one.

Where can I find pork belly?
Lots of grocery stores and every butcher we’ve ever asked carries pork belly. Chains such as Whole Foods are a good bet. If you need help finding pork belly let us know and we’ll help. Keep in mind when ordering you don’t need any fancy pork belly like kurobuta or berkshire. In our experience pork belly usually ranges from $3.00 – $7.00 per pound. When you see kurobuta or berkshire you’ll generally see them costing 2-3x this much.

Does it matter if the pork belly I use has skin on it?
Nope. Skin on or off, both work great. We like skin off since it’s just one less step in making your bacon. If you have skin on just slice it off after you cook the bacon and before you slice it.

Does my bacon contain nitrites?
Yes, and so does most bacon you buy even if it’s a little tricky to understand the label. When you see labels such as “no nitrites added” often when you read the fine print they’ve used celery powder or other products which contain naturally occurring nitrites. So since they didn’t add any extra nitrites, only the ones that occur in their seasonings, they can legally say “no nitrites added” even though the product does indeed contain nitrites. If you are interested in extra reading we thought this article had a good perspective.

How do I slice the bacon into strips?
All you need is a decent knife. We find that having the pork cooled down slightly after cooking, but not cold makes for the easiest slicing. You can choose if you want it thick or thin and slice to your liking. You can also invest in a slicer if you prefer. We used this one for a while and were quite happy with it.

Can I smoke the bacon?
Yes! We like hickory, cherry or apple wood, but you can use whatever you prefer.

Something went wrong and I want to return my baconkit. How do I do that?
Bummer! Can we send you another kit instead of a return? Contact us here, and we’ll work out an acceptable replacement kit or refund.

Are there other uses for the fat that renders?
We’ve been waiting on someone to ask this. Yes, there are other delicious uses. You can use it in your favorite bourbon or other spirit to flavor it. This is a good walkthrough. Or put a bit into your green beans for some unexpected bacon flavor.

What is the best way to cook the bacon?
We like to bake ours in the oven. Click to read more on the best way to cook your bacon.

I used the maple sugar and when I cook the bacon it develops some black around the edges. What’s the deal?
Don’t worry, that’s just the natural sugar burning a little bit. Most commercial bacon doesn’t use natural sugar so that’s why you haven’t seen that before.

How do I store my bacon?
As much as we all love bacon, five pounds of bacon is a lot to eat in one sitting. Once you have cooked and cooled your bacon you can safely freeze it for several months. Break into smaller packages for easy keeping. You only want to defrost what you are going to immediately use.

Customer Testimonials

What are people saying about artisan bacon from Bacon Scouts?

“Best bacon ever. Have ordered from another source in Wisconsin. And this bacon is outstanding. I will order again.”


Barb W. from Florida, Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Bacon

“There’s a certain excitement with having a parcel of gourmet bacon delivered to your doorstep! Tasting some the next morning was pure joy!”


“Thick cut is really thick! Like Ham after oven cooking…so lean just didn’t swivel up…and great flavor to boot…definitely ordering again.”


Ebbie M. from Pennsylvania, Triple Hickory Sampler Pack

“Great product! We had a ‘bacon bar’ of different flavors with goat cheese and artisan crackers…..something to talk about….something different…and who doesn’t like bacon! Great family gathering.”


“I bought this for a Xmas gift for a couple – they had also gifted us with Bacon for Xmas! Great minds think alike! Package came when they said it would – with the nice insulated cooler. Would purchase as a gift again.”


Jean W. from Minnesota, Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Bacon

“My husband and I love this maple bacon! It is thick cut, tastes great, and it is the most freshly made bacon we have ever eaten. We will be customers for life!”


Beth S. from Pennsylvania, Maple Bacon

The best bacon and smoked meats in America.