Overall Bacon Ratings | Bacon Shrinkage Test Results | How We Rate the Bacon


Overall Ratings

Below are the rankings of the meat markets of all the bacon we have tried during our bacon scouting trips. These ratings are purely subjective based on our own personal taste preferences. In general we like to find award winning, championship bacon so chances are that the meat will be very good overall. Remember, we discover the best of the best bacon and this listing reflects that.


Shrinkage Results

MeasureBaconTransparent-1024x486Below are the results of our measurements before and after the bacon was cooked. All bacon shrinks somewhat during cooking due to release of moisture. The bacon with the smallest rate of shrinkage is considered most desirable. A high shrinkage rate may indicate that the butcher uses a higher water content in his curing solution and thus you are paying for a higher amount of water content in price per pound.


Bacon Rating System

For each meat market in our Scouting Reports we grade their bacon based on our experience cooking and eating the bacon. Each category is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 represented by stars; 1 star is low and 5 stars is high. We do not inflate the ratings of the bacon we test. A 3 star rating is considered average and a 5 star rating is exceptional.

Rating Criteria Details

  • Robust Flavor: How strong is the flavor? Bland is 1 star, Strong is 5 stars.
  • Shrinkage: Based upon our experience, how much does this bacon shrink from raw to cooked? Minimal shrinkage is preferred. A lot of shrinkage is 1 star, not much shrinkage is 5 stars.
  • Fat to Meat Ratio: Very fatty is 1 star, lots of meat is 5 stars.
  • Saltiness: Disproportionately salty is 1 star, Just the right amount of salt is 5 stars.

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