• Apple cinnamon bacon gift box

    Apple Cinnamon Flavored Bacon


    Gourmet bacon infused with apple cinnamon warmth that caramelizes to perfection when cooked. From choice hogs raised in happy environments. Hand-crafted, hand-sliced smoked bacon for maximum flavor and texture. Shrinks 50% less than grocery store bacon, giving you more bacon for your money.

    Your choice of the following sizes.

    • 2 lbs. – 2 x 16 oz. Apple Cinnamon Flavored Bacon
    • 3 lbs. – 3 x 16 oz. Apple Cinnamon Flavored Bacon BEST VALUE!
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  • Apple cinnamon bacon gift box

    Apple Cinnamon Bacon


    A sweet apple cinnamon flavor paired with hickory smoke will have you craving extra helpings of this most delicious bacon. Try it with pancakes, waffles, eggs, or be adventurous and have it for dessert one night. The possibilities are endless to enjoy this sweet hickory smoked bacon.

    3x 16oz. packs of Apple Cinnamon Flavored Bacon

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