• Hickory Smoked Jalapeno Coated Bacon


    Are you feeling spicy? Our Jalapeno Coated Bacon is the perfect melody of flavors for all those who love a little spice! Using the highest quality pork, you will enjoy every bit of this spicy and smoky bacon. Use it to add some extra spice to your jalapeno poppers, your next burger, or anything that you want to add an extra kick!

    Comes with 2 pounds of bacon (2 x 16oz packs)!

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  • Cajun style bacon gift box

    Cajun Style Bacon


    Wow, this bacon is HOT! It starts off in your mouth innocent enough, but then cranks it up to 11 in no time. I like spicy foods, so this was a definite treat, but it is not for the faint of heart.

    • This bacon is real meaty and rubbed with delicious spices that really bring out the flavor of the bayou.
    • Hand-crafted, hand-sliced smoked bacon for maximum flavor and texture.
    • Shrinks 50% less than grocery store bacon, giving you more bacon for your money.

    3 – 16 oz. packages of Hickory Smoked, Cajun Flavored Gourmet Bacon.

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