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How to Store Bacon: The Pig Tells All

Ever wonder about what to do with all the rest of the leftover bacon (not that this happens very often), especially if you only use or eat only a few strips out of a full package? This pig’s about to squeal a bacon-saving secret!

You could store it all in the fridge and eat it within the the next few days (and we won’t make any judgements if you do…), but there is another option; freeze that bacon!

Fully cooked bacon can last for months in the freezer. Take those fully cooked slices, dab them with a paper towel, and stack them as best as you can. Then wrap the stack with foil, plastic wrap, or freezer paper, and then put the bacon strips into a zip-top freezer bag; you will drastically lengthen the shelf-life of your bacon!

Reheating Leftover Bacon

Some might ask, “Yeah, but will it be good to reheat and to eat it straight up?” To that I say, “Yes!” My two reheating methods are even good enough for serving guests provided your bacon wasn’t over-cooked when frozen.

Best Bacon Reheating Methods

On the stovetop: Take the still-frozen strips out of the freezer and put them right into a cold frying pan for a minute or two on medium heat until fully reheated. I recommend a cold frying pan to start or else the bacon will splatter white reheating.

In the microwave: Reheat your bacon in a glass or ceramic microwave-safe dish, covered with a paper towel for 2 minutes on 50% power, and add an additional 30 seconds if needed until hot.

Great Reasons to Freeze Cooked Bacon

You won’t want to forget that freezing cooked bacon has two other perks that are perfectly advantageous to all home chefs:

First, having cooked bacon on-hand and ready for your favorite bacon recipes that call for crumbled or strips of bacon is a time-saver! Most recipes don’t require a full package, so you won’t have to cook a full pack, saving time and minimizing wasted food and money. (Although, this pig wants to know who would ever waste bacon, really?)

Second, frozen bacon is much easier to slice and cut than thawed bacon. Every tried it? Bacon’s fat content ensures it stays a little supple even when frozen, so slicing it in strips or dicing is so much smoother and efficient. Who doesn’t like that? You’ll save time with prep work, and you’ll enjoy your bacon sooner!

One final note on freezing bacon: freezing over-cooked bacon won’t change the over-cooked aspect of the slices, but they would still be great for bacon crumbles.

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