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Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich

Chances are your family enjoys cooking out regularly during the summer grilling season. After a while, however, the same old burgers and hot dogs on the grill can become boring. When you want to serve a new dish with a tasty tang at your next outdoor gathering, why not try making barbecued pork in your…
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Top 10 Facts About Gourmet Bacon via Bacon Scouts

Gourmet bacon? Is there really such a thing? Believe it or not, there IS such a thing as gourmet bacon and the difference between it and the bacon you will find in the grocery store is as surprising as learning that gourmet bacon is an actual thing. 1. It’s expensive (but you get what you pay for)….
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Friends at barbecue

You’ve been invited to a friend’s barbecue, and, in a fit of misjudged generosity, you’ve offered to bring something along. You could just take some beers or a bottle of wine. Or how about this time you make an effort — just a little — and try one of these alternatives instead. Do a great…
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How does bacon from the grocery store compare to all the expensive “gourmet bacon” that we sell online? Good question! Since I began reviewing bacon three years ago, I had yet to run some of the most popular grocery store brands on the market through our gauntlet of tests. Well, that day finally came and…
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Many people think the dirtiest place in the house is the bathroom toilet; however, most often, the dirtiest place with the most bacteria is actually the kitchen sink. Yuck! It is important to keep the sink and other kitchen surfaces clean, especially since they are used in food preparation. Food particles from dirty dishes and food preparation…
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Here’s another adventuresome pancake recipe. Some people like bacon WITH their pancakes; others like bacon INSIDE their pancakes. These pancakes are more on the savory instead of sweet side of pancakes. Delicious of course, but you may wish to serve them cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt or apple sauce; although maple syrup would go well…
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The Pancake Chronicles just got more adventurous! Zucchini and lemon partner well in many dishes; they also have great partnership here in these pancakes. As an added bonus, these pancakes give you a nice helping of veggies in the morning, or whenever you choose to eat them. Give them a try! This is the seventh…
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Here’s a recipe for those who like pumpkin pie, and even those who don’t! This recipe reminds me of pumpkin bread, and who doesn’t want that for breakfast? A super bonus is that it helps you get your veggies in during breakfast! I often use fresh pumpkin here at Bacon Scouts Headquarters, but there have…
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