Culinary Use of American-Style Bacon

One of the best culinary ideas is layering crispy strips of bacon over a burger to make the phenomenal bacon burger. Nothing beats the addictive flavor, euphoric aroma and bliss-inducing crisp of American-style bacon. No gourmet or fancy bacon spiced with exotic ingredients can compare to the sheer brilliance of streaky, fatty, salty and savory experience that is the American bacon, which in recent times, has become a worldwide obsession.

While it is mouthwatering when savored on its own with some eggs and toast or with pancakes and waffles, American-style bacon is such a versatile piece of meat. The thin streaks of fat and meat are almost like skin that makes it perfect for layering and wrapping around all kinds of foods, among other things. Those who love their bacon wrap long streaks around chicken, turkey, asparagus, scallops, fish, beans, and potatoes mummifying these food items with bacon and typically cooking them in the oven until crisp, greasy, and decadently delightful.

The simplest way to cook bacon is in a skillet over medium heat until the desired doneness or crisp is achieved. Some like to cook it in the microwave for a really fast and convenient snack. One of the best ways to achieve perfectly crispy bacon without the mess is to bake it in the oven. This is also a good way to cook up a huge batch for more people.

To bake American-style bacon in the oven, line a baking pan with a sheet of foil. Neatly arrange the bacon slices on the foil and place the pan on the center rack of the cold oven and close the oven door. Turn the dial to 400 degrees F and leave the bacon to cook for 17 to 20 minutes, or until the bacon is golden brown. Lay the cooked bacon strips on paper towels to absorb grease and pour the liquid fat in a heat-safe container for future use.