Bacon Pasta

Curly bacon not only looks beautiful juxtaposed with swirly strands of pasta, but the combination is simply divine and moves the senses to rupture. Few things in life are more satisfying than strips of mouthwatering bacon intertwined with creamy spaghetti or penne in the palate.

Some like crispy bacon bits sprinkled on their pasta while others like whole bacon strips, still a bit soft with visible streaks of fat, curled around embracing the noodles and scooping up thick creamy sauce or rich tomato sauce. In most cases, it is best to cook the bacon separately so that you can control the level of crispness that you desire. You can cut the bacon into half or into bits, into two- or one-inch pieces, or leave it as whole strips, then toss it with the pasta and the sauce. This way, it retains its texture and does not melt into the sauce or become soggy.

As a flavor enhancer, however, bacon can be used as a base for tomato sauce or cream sauce. It can be sautéed together with onions and garlic and serve as a base for the pasta sauce. It can also be cut and cooked into bacon bits and used to garnish the pasta at the end of the cooking or during plating, on top of grated cheese.

Spaghetti Carbonara is one classic example that makes use of bacon bits. Creamy bacon pasta can also be made even more delicious with mushrooms. An interesting combination is zucchini, bacon, and lemon spaghetti. Onion and bacon with goat’s cheese can be made with bell-shaped noodles like penne or gemelli. Shrimp and bacon make an unforgettable delicious pasta dish. Other vegetables that go well with bacon for making pasta recipes include broccoli, spinach, peas, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard. Bacon lasagna or Mac and cheese with bacon make a superb snack or party food.