gypsy bacon

Gypsy Bacon

A very traditional and old-fashioned form of bacon, Gypsy bacon is prepared with garlic and paprika giving it its characteristic spice that is similar to Hungarian bacon. It is rich in flavor and pungent in aroma and usually cooked over and enjoyed around the campfire. Gypsy bacon has been around for years and the practice of making and cooking it is a tradition for many gypsies around the world. It is a simple and easy way to prepare bacon when you are constantly on the go and do not have access to a stove. It is also especially ideal for hiking and camping trips.

After the bacon is seasoned with spices, it is sliced into pieces and skewered on a stick so that it can be easily held over an open campfire. A stick found in the forest is a good choice and will add earthiness and a smokier flavor to the bacon. The fatty drippings from the cooking bacon can be collected for use to cook vegetables for a complete meal.

Gypsy bacon, once cooked, can be placed on a slice of rye bread together with some red onions and baked beans for a delicious Gypsy bacon sandwich. Gypsy bacon is packed full of flavor with an exotic spice that makes it really enjoyable. For a really delicious outdoor experience, drink ice-cold beer with gypsy bacon. If you’re at home or your backyard, you can be more experimental. For more spice, add a dash of paprika and serve with tomato or green pepper.

Also known as Zigeunerspeck, gypsy bacon is available in German or Hungarian delis or meat markets. It is typically precooked with raw garlic and paprika, and then smoked producing its distinctively delicate yet intense taste. It is best cooked over open fire or on the grill to really bring out its earthy character and smoky flavor.